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"Achieving much more than software"

"Independent and reliable reports"

"Paid for itself in 3 months"

Planet Footprint’s unique combination of software & service gives over 150 organisations the data, analysis and assistance they need to become smarter users of energy, water and fuel. Don’t take it from us, let’s hear what they have to say.

“Planet Footprint has provided great customer services and support in the implementation of Council’s environmental data management system. The team worked hard to collate, process and setup the tool, meeting Council’s challenging expectations. There is always someone available to respond to requests for information, to update system variables and attend to individual email/call requests from Council.

The transition from our previous provider was smooth and the team ensured that the utility providers and interval connectors worked seamlessly with the flexibility to accommodate Council’s immediate reporting needs in a timely fashion. Continued improvements in the processes and tool functionalities delivered by Planet Footprint makes them a great choice in delivering a robust Environmental Data Management System for organisations to invest in.”

Client since 2017

Nikolaos ZervosAsset Manager, Waverley Council

“Our Council relies heavily on the professional services of Planet Footprint.  Electricity is a big part of Council’s budget so keeping costs under control is so important.  The Planet Footprint website tools are very easy to use and our site managers use them to quickly check on our consumption and see the results of energy saving projects. 

We call on their experienced and well qualified staff to give independent advice on specific projects.  They truly have the real world experience to know what works and what doesn’t.  If you want to reduce your energy costs and embrace a more sustainable future, Planet Footprint has the right people to help.”

Client since 2010

Carl MollerNatural Areas Officer, Bundaberg Regional Council

“The my.planetfootprint.com cloud-based platform provides a wonderful service to the City of Port Adelaide Enfield with updated reports, raw data and dashboard performance icons that provide Council with information that can be quickly and easily referenced or interpreted for day to day energy management.

The my.planetfootprint.com service saves Council time and money in collating data and turning it into something that can be used to improve corporate energy efficiencies.  my.planetfootprint.com is a one stop shop for energy and GHG management enquiries.”

Client since 2010

Craig Hughes Environmental Projects Officer, City of Port Adelaide Enfield

“Planet Footprint’s methodology and service provides us with the analysis and information necessary, in clearly presented graphs, tables and summaries, to pinpoint excessive energy and water consumption, target areas for greater performance and cost efficiencies.  They assist site managers and staff to understand the cost and environmental benefits of putting in place measures aimed at reducing consumption and improving management of Council’s facilities.”

Client since 2006

Peter Maganov Manager Sustainability & Strategic Waste, Randwick City Council

“Why would we spend quality time on the nuts and bolts, when we have the Planet Footprint team to supply us with all that we need in order for us to do the most important job: assess the data and implement actions to save water, electricity and carbon emissions?

Without Planet Footprint we would be repeating the data collection effort continuously and wasting effort liaising with the big utility companies for the 350 accounts we hold rather than getting on with our jobs to make environmental improvements.”

Client Since 2011

Belinda DohringSenior Environmental Officer, City of West Torrens

“We’re achieving much more than we did with software, with less hassle and lower total cost. My staff don’t have to enter utility information anymore.  That alone makes Planet Footprint’s service worthwhile.  The other features are a bonus.”

Client since 2009

Ben CowanAssistant Director of Finance, Guunison County, Colorado

“Planet Footprint’s service is getting better and better every year.”

Client since 2007

Glenda WaltersProjects, Compliance & Accounts Support Officer, Shoalhaven Water

“Our energy landscape is complex. Planet Footprint’s sensibly priced combination of service, platform and experience achieves what software alone can’t. With Planet Footprint I can stop worrying about the data and spend my time on activities that save energy and money.”

Client since 2009

Energy Program ManagerCity of Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Our annual subscription paid for itself in the first three months. Planet Footprint makes the invisible visible. Sustainability reporting is now much easier and clearer, but equally valuable is that Public Works, Facilities and Finance are using Planet Footprint to reduce departmental costs.  Planet Footprint knows local government and gives us the information we need to get things done.”

Client since 2010

Recycling CoordinatorMeridian Township, Michigan